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Danish deathcore band HANGING THE NIHILIST are back and ready to present their debut full-length ‘Prophetic Blasphemy’ - an album filled with breakdowns and epic compositions, where each track both brutally and beautifully expresses the tale of divine ambition and hellish betrayal:


“We are beyond excited to share our debut album with you all: Prophetic Blasphemy tells an epic story of cosmic treason and revenge on a backdrop of some of Europe’s most crushing and frenzied modern deathcore. The album aims to trigger mosh pits and take you on an epic musical and lyrical journey. It is our first release with our new vocalist, Alex, who wrote the story behind the lyrics”, the band muses. 


Since being formed in 2016, HANGING THE NIHILIST has played shows with bands such as SHOKRAN, IMMINENCE, MØL, CABAL, among others.  After the release of their EP ‘Crow’, the six-piece debuted at the UK metal scene with their performance at TECH METAL FEST 2019, with headliners DYING FETUS, MONUMENTS and LEPROUS. The coming debut album marks a new level of ambition and direction for the band, revealing what the hard-hitting six-piece has to offer the world of extreme metal. ‘Prophetic Blasphemy’ has been recorded and produced by renowned sound engineer Chris Kreutzfeldt (CABAL, Unseen Faith, MØL) and is set to be released on June 3rd through Prime Collective. 

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