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1. Prelude to Prophecy

On this clearest of nights, stars were visible like fireflies frozen in mid air, humming with prophetic excitement. A glittering audience to a pivotal moment of history, whose light, though visible, brought no warmth and little clarity to anyone but insects navigating to their positions - and the humans reading them.

Omnipresent voices of uncertain origins appeared to the vizier, filling his mind with messages from no discernable linguistic root and no known mouth, yet communicated loud and clear.

The vizier, Aziel, stood in a trance on a lone hilltop. The stars which had reflected in his eyes moments ago now seemed to expand from them, creating a light-source that challenged the night more and more for every second it withstood. It pulsated, confusing moths in a large radius as to their whereabouts and destination, and scared other animals with the shadows of birds that formed on the scarce, returning clouds.

It was done. Aziel fell to his knees, exhausted and with a blinding pain in his eyes. Slowly, he regained his vision and suddenly stood with renewed vigour as the contents of his trance returned to him:

“I have so much to do. But with the promises of the gods as my guide and their expectations weighing on my shoulders, I shall not fail,” he thought.

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